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Gun Cabinets Articles

Under The Gun In Gaza

While Israel and its allies are determined to hold a hard line against the new Hamas Government, blockaded Palestinians see nothing but hypocrisy, writes Ed O'Loughlin.

Gunshop Owners Brace For Buyback

Dozens of handguns are tied, tagged and disabled in a strongroom at the Victoria Ranges pistol range in Flemington, ready for next Tuesday's gun buyback.

Pm Furious As States Foil Gun Ban

State police ministers yesterday ganged up to undermine the Commonwealth's proposed ban on handguns, prompting an angry Prime Minister John Howard to wish "a curse on them".

Waterfront `smoking Gun' A `smokescreen'

The Federal Opposition did not have a ``smoking gun" over the Government's role in the waterfront dispute, Workplace Relations Minister Peter Reith said yesterday. Mr Reith said the Government had been involved closely in the waterfront row but denied it had been implicated in a conspiracy w

Smoking Gun

More than 40 years ago US tobacco manufacturers knew the addictive qualities on nicotine. Knowledge of smoking's adverse health effects was withheld form governments and an unsuspecting public for fear of damaging bottom lines. Now this shabby deception is being exposed. Damning files uncovered in